Drinking handmade iced tea with unboiled water is a risk factor for cholera, reported scientists in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases. You think that cholera is outdated? Think again. Today, still more than one million people are suffering from it every year, and tens of thousands of people die from the disease.

Not so long ago in Vietnam, from 2007 to 2010, just ten years ago, a cholera epidemic hit 13 Vietnamese provinces, including HCMC and Hanoi, making over 150 victims officially declared. The Institut Pasteur then interviewed 60 confirmed cholera-infected people as well as 240 five-year-old children and different-sex people to get information about their alimentary habits. They discovered that 22 percent of people with Cholera drank Iced tea the week before being sick. The researchers also collected samples of river water, drinking water, sewage samples and local seafood to detect the Vibrio cholerae, the bacteria that spreads the disease.

Research has shown that drinking iced tea, with not boil potable water, eating uncooked seafood, using ice in water, wash, cook and brush his teeth with non mineral water, are risk factors. Indeed, Cholera is a highly contagious disease with a fecal-oral transmission given through dirty hands or by contamination of food and water.


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