The Holistic Fair – The First Online Health Fair in Vietnam

August 12, 2020


For those who have not yet heard about it, this year, The Holistic Fair will hold its fifth anniversary event in Vietnam For this edition, La Holista has had a lot on their plate as, despite COVID 19, the event will not be postponed and will happen online this Saturday, August 15th, and Sunday, August 16th, 2020 making this fair the first online health fair in Vietnam. The event will happen bigger and will be broadcasted worldwide, not limited to Saigon. Vendors, talks, and classes will be accessible for free as usual.







This presents a great opportunity for La Holista to fulfill the Holistic Fair’s main goal, which is to connect all the incredible local businesses in Vietnam with the public, and to raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle. As usual, the fair will bring together more than 30 local businesses offering organic food and a variety of lectures, demos, and classes on topics including yoga, chiropractic medicine, the benefits of plants, and so many others. Check the program HERE







How does it work?

You will be able to join the activities, interact with the companies, stream the event from your computer or phone, and much more with a link shared HERE Saturday morning.  The platform will have a virtual lounge with ‘tables’ for each brand, where participants can roam around and ‘sit’ at the table with the practitioner/company they want to talk with via chat.

On Saturday, talks and classes will be broadcasted for 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes of interaction with the practitioner. On Sunday, there will be a focus on the food market with all the vendors. The public will be able to ‘sit down’ with them and ask questions if needed. The most amazing thing about this new way of a gathering is that this year the Holistic Fair will not be limited in space so why not invite all your family and friends to join this community weekend?


The holistic Fair is organized by La Holista Ltd founded by Chiara Squinzi who received formal training in health coaching and functional medicine, with a background in Yoga, and Pascale Fioretti who joined later La Holista after a career in hospitality.

To learn more about La Holista and all they can do, check out their website HERE


The Holistic Fair will take place online on Saturday, August 15th and Sunday, August 16th, 2020





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