We all know that alcohol must be consumed in moderation but in Saigon, every evening is a pretext to a festive atmosphere and after a night of perdition, the morning following is often synonymous of headaches and bad mood.

A 25-year-old entrepreneur, Sisun Lee, has launched a crowdfunding operation to finance the production of an anti hangover drink coming from Korea. A miracle cure intended to be consumed while taking alcohol or before going to bed. This “syrup” is already well known in Korea, the native country of Lee. The whole story started about a year ago when the then 25-year-old guy took a trip to his home country of South Korea and spent a lot of time with his friends getting drunk. But instead suffering from hangovers, he took the hangover cure drink that is popular there. As these beverage worked for him when he came back to the US, he tried other similar drinks which were not working so well. So he bought some Korean ones online and shared them with friends. They loved them, and everyone wanted more. He tried to import them and become a distributor, but the Korean companies weren’t interested in having someone they didn’t know, to represent them in the US. Then he got an idea just to make the drink himself. As Sisun studies three years of nanotechnology/biotech engineering in college before changing majors to computer science, he started researching the ingredients and then launch a crowd funding on Indiegogo.




Launched a few weeks ago, Sisun Lee’s nectar, called « Morning Recovery ,» goes already viral. It would eliminate toxins more rapidly thanks to an atypical ingredient: a Korean grape derived from a climbing plant called Dihydromyricetin (whose flower is known to fight the effects of alcohol). The miracle juice also contains thistle flowers, prickly pears, and vitamin B.



Pic Morning Recovery



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