The Coolest brown hair color to Try This year

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25 May 2021


Being a brunette is anything but basic. From classy and timeless deep dark browns to light and golden shades of honey, there’s so much to choose from. Finding the ideal brown hair color for your skin tone and coloring can be confusing when deciding which shade to go for. From rich bronzes to lustrous shades of brown, we’ve got you covered here with these pretty brown hair colors to try this year.




Autumn brown






Like its name suggests, the autumn brown hair color has hints of red in it that will remind you of autumn foliage. This warm tone hair color will give you a glowing radiance and help you look more youthful!




Ash brown





Ash brown hair is a modern variant of brunette hair that is blended with cool grey tones. Sometimes referred to as mushroom brown hair, this multi-dimensional hue is a favorite for being not too harsh, especially on fair to medium complexions with cool undertones. Take note that you will most probably have to bleach your hair to achieve this shade!









Delicious hues, such as caramel, are incredibly enticing, which makes them an excellent choice for highlights, downlights, and dip dyes. Any basic hair color may adopt a pop of caramel. Besides, you can vary the saturation of your highlights, going very tender and subtle or, vice versa, vivid and distinct.




Rose brown





The rose brown color has pinkish tones in it so it’s like a mix of both brown and red. If you wish to venture out of the traditional browns and red, rose brown is something you can try. If you’re a brunette who’s looking for a subtle way to switch up your hair color, your search is over.




Chocolate brown






Another food-inspired hair color that is worth considering is chocolate brown hair. This sweet shade features yellow undertones that make it the perfect choice for warmer skin tones.  It’s one of the easiest brown hair colors to pull off ever and will look stunning on anyone.




Hazelnut Brunettte





For an update on brown, let’s find inspiration in hazelnuts with glimpses of golden, light browns to depths of a deeper ashy brown. A low maintenance hair colors with high impact!




Milk tea brown




Milk tea brown color is a combination of brown and blonde and is one of the most popular hair colors ever as it’s a chic, creamy color that’s neither too warm nor too cool and matches a variety of skin tones.








Available in : Vietnamese

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