In China, more than ever, the 2018 summer fashion is completely sun-proof and the facekini, a hood preventing you from tanning, is still very popular on the beaches. The facekini fashion appeared in 2015 but continues to seduce the integral combination lovers. Indeed, for Chinese women on vacation, skin pallor is synonymous with refinement, while tan skin is for agricultural workers.

Hence the success of the facekini, accessory often combined with an integral combination worn close to the body, to swim without browning but also to protect against jellyfish stings. On the crowded beaches of Qingdao, a former German colony and a tourist resort on the east coast of China, masked bathers don’t surprise tourists anymore. In cotton or in acrylic the facekinis come in a huge range of colors and designs.



Pics Philipp Engelhorn


With his series Swimmers, the photographer Philipp Engelhorn recorded amazing swimsuits and outfits worn by women on Chinese beaches. He has been rewarded many times for his astonishing series. You can follow this photographer on Facebook or Instagram.





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