The boozy future is now with Linden Leaf’s Molecular Gin & Wodka

December 3.2022



The search for spirits has now progressed to the molecular level. Linden Leaf, the British innovators behind wonderfully harmonious spirits, announced the release of their much-anticipated 88 Organic Molecular Gin and Singularity Organic Molecular Vodka last month. Linden Leaf’s founders, two of whom have Cambridge University science PhDs, have a near-obsessive passion for food and drinks, traveling the world regularly to seek out new culinary and flavor experiences.

Linden Leaf’s founders developed a method to identify the exact molecules in each ingredient after experimenting with countless botanicals – all organic and GMO-free – and scientific techniques to extract specific molecules. They also discovered which botanical molecules worked in perfect harmony with one another and which did not. This is referred to as “Molecular Craftmanship.”  “Admittedly, we opened up a scientific Pandora’s box when we started chasing exactly which molecules made our favorite food and drink taste the way they do,” said Matthew Webster, one of Linden Leaf’s founding members, along with Mukund Unavane and Paul Bennett. “But countless experiments and testing have led us to a Molecular Flavor Atlas, which we use to create what I believe is the most harmonious, flavorful spirits possible.”





As a result, 88 Organic Molecular Gin was born, with 88 separate flavor molecule notes from 28 botanicals, where the complex flavors and aromas complement each other, unfolding sip after sip. Linden Leaf gins contain five to ten times more flavor-active ingredients than other gins and are abundant in flavor and aroma extracts, as opposed to the tiny amounts found in other leading gins. Seventy percent of the citrus used in their gins is fresh, as are more than 20% of the total botanicals used.

Botanicals in Gin 88 include yuzu, calamansi, grains of paradise, and Aztec sweet herb, all built around a base of subtle, organic juniper. It has a superb, layered perfume and an extremely long flavor profile on the tongue. That is why Gin 88 is one of the world’s most awarded gins, with gold medals from all of the major spirit competitions.





Leaf identified the exact qualities and processes that are critical in producing a smooth, silky mouthfeel in their Singularity Vodka. The spring water’s acidity/alkalinity levels (pH) and mineral content, combined with a precise temperature-controlled mixing process, resulted in the smoothest vodka known to science. The base alcohol in Singularity Vodka is made from a blend of organic/non-GMO modern grains like wheat, barley, and rye, as well as ancient grains like spelt. The custom grain blend is specifically designed to produce the very softest alcohol, which is carefully filtered and distilled five times to leave only a faint hint of the base grain flavor. The finished product has a velvety mouthfeel with no harsh alcohol burn, which is ideal for drinking vodka straight or on the rocks. Singularity has a very clean palate, with subtle hints of apple and peach followed by clean grain notes—barley and rye—and a finish with black pepper suggestions. When added to ice, the cold properties and melting water create new molecular structures that gradually dissolve.

Singularity has received rave reviews from all major spirit competitions, including gold medals from the prestigious USA Spirits Ratings, International Wine and Spirit Competition, Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Award, and International Organic Awards.







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