Some tattoo lovers are going all in with black solid ink, and the trend is a hit.

We’ve already seen all-black eye tattoos, but now there’s a new trend in ink: blacked out bodies. Chester Lee a Tattoo artist from Singapore has been suggesting the Blackout Tattoos for massive cover-ups since years, and slowly people came to love it. Today the trend is a hit on the web. “The new generation appreciate the cleanliness of this kind of work and the art of looking at just shapes and lines that emphasize the contours of the body” Said Chester Lee.

Originally used as an alternative to laser removal for unwanted ink, the blackout method does just what its name implies: blacks out part of the body. A “proper” blackout piece is an intense process and can take hours to achieve the perfect amount of evenness out black with no visible blank spots. But for those wanting something unique, it’s all worth it.





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