Ladies the fuller look is coming back. The latest waxing trend is between the Bikini and the Brazilian and called the Full-Bush Brazilian. So before taking your hair-removal appointment here is all you need to know.


Waxing Styles


Full-Bush Brazilian: The latest trend ! A mix between the original Brazilian and the Bikini. Your hair is removed from the labia and the buttocks, but the Bush remains unscathed and free.

Brazilian: Be Bold as a baby is what you like, the Brazilian is your option! Everything is taken off.

Bikini: That’s a classic. You will end up only with a triangle shape.

Landing strip: For the ones who like shapes! Usually a strip on the top



Which wax should I use?


Sugaring or Honey Wax

For sensitive skin, this should be your wax. Usually, the combination is made of honey, lemon, sugar and water. Because it’s natural, it should be more gentle to your skin, and it can be used cold.


Hard wax

The hard wax is applied warm with a spatula. When it dries, it’s removed without the utilization of a strip. It’s the best option for the bikini area. The wax attaches to the hair and not to the skin so less painful, and it minimizes the possibility or irritation. The Hard wax can only be used for small areas, or it will break. The warm hard wax allows the hair follicles and pores to open up from the heat, so it’s much easier to pull the hair out. Hard wax leaves no sticky residue and is much easier to clean up.


Soft wax

The soft wax is applied with a spatula and is removed with a strip. Ideal for Brazilian waxing because unlike the bikini waxing, everything is taken off from the labia to the rear and this area is extra sensitive. The Soft wax adheres to skin more than hard wax, and exfoliate more the skin but can not be applied twice on the same spot as the hard wax because it removes layers of dead skin. Less painful for most people this wax in the best for extra sensitive areas.




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