The Best Outfits festival goers wore to Epizode 2020

January 6.2020






The annual Epizode, music festival hold in Phu Quoc Vietnam for 11 days started this December 27 and will end this January 7, 2020.







This year the festival attracted some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry and some of the most excentric festival-goers and creative looks. Indeed, if the true stars of the show are the ones on the stage, Epizode is also a style destination as much as a musical one. Most international attendees take their festival seriously, and they plan for days what they’ll be wearing for the event. So what the Epizode festival 2020 looked? If you couldn’t make it out to the fest, here’s the opportunity to see the best looks this year.







With Epizode, indulge yourself in a sensory feast by the beach, including shaking sound, world-class decor, eclectic market stalls, artistic installations, live performance art, workshops, and more.







Millennials love experiences, and Epizode is just one great, big party!






Some cutoffs and sewing plus a hotel bathrobe and a Chinese umbrella, are always a good idea—just look @ Alex Fisher a french music director and Dj living in Bangkok.






Whimsical of course, and Instagram-ready was Heain Joo from South Korea.
















Think hippies meet hipsters with Victor and Dylan, Franchies from Bali.



















Natali Kalita and Maria wore an outfit proving the maxim true: If you don’t wear fringes at Epizode, did you even go to Epizode ? To shop their exact style or by their own creations, just@ Kalifesta or @Yapa.















Make up by the beach







Magdalene from Singapore planed for days what she’ll be wearing… So when a brand wants to offer her something to wear for advertising, she goes for it! She wore for the occasion a hat from ‘Pretty poisson’ and ‘Doc martens’.







Some of the best Epizode looks were a break from typical boho-festival vibes. Case in point: Yasuo Moriwaki from Japan in white tutu and coordinating sandals.













Armita Reddy made it from India to Epizode in a ‘Whish’ glizzly blue minidress.







A sexy top and a nice hat bought in a Lebanese market were all that Valerie from Liban needed for a standout look.












By Emma and Eva for Bliss Saigon magazine.










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