The Best Hidden Gem Golf Courses close to Ho Chi Minh City


May 6.2022


HCMC, the largest city in Vietnam is hardly known for its golf courses. The city is known for wearing its ancient leader’s name who helped Vietnam to become independent, its gastronomy, and its freewheeling nightlife well known to night clubbers. But surprisingly, several excellent golf courses around the city are well worth a visit. You were not expecting a superb round of golf coming into the city, but you’ll get one if you know where to look. Here are the best-hidden gem golf courses in Ho Chi Minh City. Pack your clubs if you’re heading to Vietnam because you won’t want to miss these!







Vung Tau Paradise Golf Resort

This course is situated on a resort and has a lovely, relaxed feeling to it. However, it is 2 to 3 hours away from Ho Chi Minh city center, which means despite its beauty and playability, it remains one of the least-played courses in the country. Which makes it perfect to open our hidden gem list!

It’s a beautiful course, offering 27 holes in total, with a par-72 18-hole course and a par-36 9-hole course to choose from. Something for every golfer and every mood. The courses themselves are not a walk in the park. Rolling terrain makes playing on both the fairways and the greens challenging, with dips and dives that may frustrate even the best golfers. But if you’re after an interesting and thoughtful round of golf, you can’t go wrong here. But beginners may find it less enjoyable, though.  As well as exciting golf, the course is just plain beautiful. You’ll be able to see the ocean from multiple holes as the club runs along the beach, and you’ll also see some local flora along the fairways, like lotuses. The club also offers a variety of training aids and practice facilities. Have a quick bite at the on-site restaurant after your round, or grab a souvenir from the pro shop before you go!



Vinpearl Golf Club Phu Quoc




The Vinpearl Golf Club has hidden away on the island of Phu Quoc, nestled in hardwood forests which makes for a lovely, natural setting. The tropical surroundings are not only home to one of the country’s most spectacular golf courses, but also to a variety of local wildlife, which is exciting for non-locals to experience! Keep an eye out for monkeys, deer, peacocks, and other birds, as well as local flora. Featuring 27 holes, it’s set out in three 9-hole loops, each named for a famous spot in Vietnam—Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and Quy Nhon.



Long Thanh Golf Resort




Long Thanh Golf Resort is an extremely popular golfing spot in Ho Chi Minh. But what you may not know, and what puts it on our “hidden gem” list, is the fact that its Lake Yard course is fully lit to international standards, allowing for the only chance of a night golf round in Vietnam. It’s about an hour’s drive from the city center, but absolutely worth it if you have a free evening. Although you won’t get the stunning views when golfing at night, the experience of playing under the lights is one that every golfer should have at one point, and this is an outstanding course to do it on. The course isn’t too technical in terms of undulations, but it does feature multiple high-lipped bunkers that can be tricky to get away from if you land in one. It also features water hazards on almost every hole, adding to the challenge during the day and night. If you do want to come during the day, you have another 18-hole course to choose from, the Hills Course. It’s better suited to golfers of all levels. Due to its forest construction, the course is fairly flat but offers challenges in the form of multiple water hazards, natural streams, and reservoirs intersecting with the course. The signature 3rd hole features an almost-island green that will be imprinted in your mind forever. The greens are of average speed, which means you can get a truly relaxed round in at Vinpearl, with the enjoyment of the stunning location and a more restful strategy. As well as the golfing paradise, you’ll find a driving range and putting green for some pre-round practice, rural but more than adequate locker rooms, and excellent English-speaking staff to make your stay a pleasant one.






Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who’s plated on some of the most spectacular golf courses in the country! When he’s not mentoring young golfers or working on his own game, he’s writing handy, helpful articles for his own website, Golf Influence.










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