March 4.2022


If you have visited some of Vietnam’s coastal areas, you may have noticed something unusual about the beaches: Semi spherically shaped boats weaved from bamboo known as ‘Basket Boat,’ ‘Round Boat,’ or locally as ‘Thung Chai’ or ‘Basket Boat.’ They are very mobile and practical, and fishermen use them to catch fish and transport goods. These bamboo-strip boats are waterproofed after being coated with a resin made from coconut oil, tar, or fiberglass. They can last for decades with regular maintenance!



A basket boat ride is a crazy fun!





The basket boat ride is for you if you want to have fun and have unforgettable experiences while exploring Vietnam. Hoi An and its surroundings are ideal places to see these boats in action or to observe craftsmen at work. When visiting Hoi An, you should not miss the organized boat tours along the Thu Bon River or the 7-hectare tours of coconut aquatic woods, where you can discover an almost intact ecosystem, fish for crabs in creeks, and witness the exploits of local rowers.





According to legend, the ‘Bateau Panier’ dates back to French colonial times and was invented by Vietnamese fishermen to avoid paying the French tax on boats. Their astute strategy appears to have worked, as these domed boats are now a part of the Vietnamese landscape and heritage!








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