Do not buy when you fall in love at first sight!

You have a chance to find the same items the day after or to find it cheaper in another shop, but keep the vendor’s visit card in your pocket in case you will have to come back.


It’s imperative to smile!

Be friendly, polite and fun to keep the transaction going. In one word, flirt!


To know the real price of the item can help the deal

The price can be previously found on the internet, stores, etc. It needs a minimum of research to do the perfect deal!





Only approach the vendor when you are ready to buy

Act disinterested and ask for the price of few items, not just the one you like


Keep the right amount of money in your pocket

To keep the right sum of money in your pocket creates a good reason for a discount. Decide how much you want to spend, put your money in your pocket and when you reach the right price say: « This is all the money I have!


Create a reason to bargain

Ask the vendor if buying multiple items together merit a discount.  If the item’s quality is not perfect, point out flaws or defects, without being rude.


When to walk away?

Whatever the country you are bargaining in Asia, the only real way to know what the rock-bottom price is to walk away. Act disinterested and slowly walk toward the door. If the vendor is ready to deal, he will call you back. Don’t forget: If it doesn’t work, it’s better to walk away rather than being rude. In some countries like Vietnam, it’s easier to haggle if you know some words in the local language like numbers for example.  In any case, don’t forget it’s a game, do not let the other person «lose his face» stay friendly and don’t take it too seriously!

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