June 27.2019


Temperature reaches his limit, It’s too hot to work, and many of us have as favorite pastimes: the swimming pool. Beware, some hygiene rules must be observed before bathing to not catch or transmit any Recreational water illnesses (RWIs). Many types of illnesses may be spread or catch in swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, lakes, and oceans. The most common type of RWI is diarrhea, however, it also includes Skin infections, Eye infections, Ear infections, Respiratory infections, Neurologic problems etc. RWIs are spread when water contaminated with germs, bacteria, or parasites enters the body when swallowing pool water or through a cut or scratch on the skin, or through the ears, eyes, or nose. These pathogens may be introduced to the water in a number of ways, but they most commonly enter the water via other swimmers. Here are some tips to keep yourself and others safe from these dangerous RWIs.





Do not forget to remove makeup and other cosmetics before going to swim

Avoid wearing contact lenses, the risk of eye infection is common

Leave your shoes in a remote area close to the swimming pool, (your shoes are a real nest of bacterias) and use a proper pair of flip-flop to walk around the pool.

Do not forget to shower before swimming to prevent your secretions from melting with the pool disinfectants. The mix can produce harmful chemical contaminants.

Don’t pass by the mandatory footbath!

Never swallow pool water

No swimming in cases of communicable diseases such as gastroenteritis etc.

Always get out of the pool for restroom needs

Never stay very long with a wet swimming costume, and take a spare one. Keeping his wet bathing suit promotes maceration and the appearance of fungus.

Don’t forget a  soapy shower after the pool










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