Students in Japan must wear plain white underwear

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April 3.2021


Ostensibly, school dress codes in Japan are very choosy and are supposed to eliminate distractions. One of the clearest examples is that schools have rules in place saying that students must wear plain white underwear. This is a regulation that most schools in Japan have adopted since a long time. The Nagasaki Prefectural Board of Education conducted recently a study of public high schools and middle schools within the prefecture and found wear-white-underwear-when you come to class rules are surprisingly common. Out of 238 schools examined, 138, or 58 percent, have white underwear listed as a mandatory part of the dress code.







However, the specific wording of the dress codes is not “underwear must not be visible,” but “underwear must be white,” and so it requires a check for compliance, regardless of whether or not the student’s underwear is otherwise visible and these are the sort of things that worry the board school.







Indeed schools are in effect granting themselves the authority to look at students’ underwear, and also in effect forcing students to let teachers, classmates, and school staff know what color of bra and panties they’re wearing on school days. At some schools, certain teachers periodically pull female students’ bra straps up through their collars to check the color, or female teachers come into the room while girls are changing their clothes for P.E class. Some elementary schools don’t even let kids wear underwear during P.E.


Today School board believes that by maintaining such policies schools may be leaving themselves open to complaints of violating students’ rights. The Nagasaki’s Department of Education answered : “The schools that have rules about white underwear generally enacted them a long time ago. As beliefs about individual rights change, it’s necessary for schools to actively reexamine their policies.”





Available in : Vietnamese

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