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China is known as a food paradise for tourist, with a countless number of exotic dishes, from standard ones to “unique” that cannot be found anywhere else. In China, you can eat anything such as grasshoppers and scorpions on sticks. However, local people say that many of those weird dishes are specially made for tourists, and they are not regular local meals.



Duck tongue



In Western countries, duck can be the main ingredient in various recipes, but none of them have only duck tongue on its ingredient list. Though it may look weird, it is a delicacy when being fried. Many tourists said that they enjoyed the dish, but suggest that it should be shorter for an easier bite. If you do not mind the bony structure, irritating length and the fact that you are eating a TONGUE, we are sure that you are going to love it! For those who do, you may not know it but in China, Duck Tongue is so popular that it is even available in food store as a ‘ready-to-eat snack’. All you have to do is reheat it in microwave or oven and serve.



Chicken feet





This is a popular street food not only in China but in other parts of Asia such as Vietnam where they are often listed on restaurant menus as ‘Phoenix talons,’ which sounds far nicer. How chicken feet can be eaten when there is only skin and bones on it, is probably the question you asked yourself ? Just like duck tongue, you hardly get any meat in Chicken feets, but it still has a unique texture that you cannot taste in an Occidental meal. You may find it awkward the first time you’ll try it, but don’t worry, you will soon discover the way to enjoy it. Just be careful with the small bones in those so sweet feets!



Century egg or Pidan


dddddddHave you ever eaten something that is century’s year old? Well, you may not do it this time as well. Despite being called Century eggs, they are uncooked eggs which are covered with a unique mixture and placed on the ground for 20 to 100 days. Though they may be looked like rotten eggs, their taste is surprising. Try to ignore its look and have a taste, you will certainly be astonish!



Stinky tofu





Stinky Tofu is made from condensed soy milk and usually, comes in the form of a beautiful white block with a texture between silken and regular Tofu. It has a very light smell and taste and is extremely suitable for vegetarian, but his unique smell can also put you off. You may be thinking it has been spoiled because of the smell, but many people are charmed with that ‘stinky perfume.’ The dish is also called “anti-tiredness Tofu in some Chinese restaurants.



Drunken shrimp



You may have tried some weird dish before, cooked or raw but probably never when ‘it was drunk’!

Drunken shrimp is a dish where live shrimps are immersed in ethanol to make their consumption easier. However, live shrimp aren’t always drunken, and drunken shrimps aren’t always alive. In some restaurant, the Chef prefer to broil or boil them before marinated them in alcohol while some others will prefer marinated them first in alcohol and then serve them raw. Either way, it is still a delicacy you should not miss!



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