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Asia is known as a tourist food paradise, with a plethora of exotic dishes ranging from delicious standard to “unique” dishes that cannot be found anywhere else, such as grasshoppers and scorpions on sticks, which are well-known and acceptable among the locals. For foreigners, it takes a lot of guts and a wild sense of adventure. Here are some Asian dishes that may appear strange to foreigners but can taste delicious.



Duck tongue



In Western countries, duck is the main ingredient in a variety of recipes, but none of them contain only duck tongue. In China and Vietnam, it’s a delicacy when fried. If you don’t mind the texture and the fact that you’re eating a tongue, you’ll enjoy it. Duck Tongue is so popular in Asia that it is even sold in grocery stores as a “ready-to-eat snack.” All you have to do is eventually reheat it in the microwave before serving.



Chicken feet





This is a popular street food in Vietnam, where it is often referred to as ‘Phoenix talons,’ which sounds much nicer. How can chicken feet be eaten when they only have skin and bones? is most likely the question you posed to yourself… Chicken feet, like duck tongue, have little meat, but they have a unique texture that you won’t find in an Occidental meal. You might find it awkward the first time you try it, but don’t worry; you’ll soon figure out how to enjoy it. Just be cautious of the small bones in those adorable feets!








dddddddHave you ever eaten something that is over a century old?  Despite their name, Chinese Century eggs are uncooked eggs that are covered with a special mixture and left on the ground for 20 to 100 days. Though they appear to be rotten eggs, their flavor is surprising. Try to ignore its appearance and have a taste; you will be maybe pleasantly surprised…



Drunken shrimp



You may have tried a strange dish before, either cooked or raw, but probably never while ‘it was drunk’! Drunken shrimpin Vietnam is a dish in which live shrimp are immersed in ethanol to facilitate consumption. However, live shrimp are not always drunk, and drunk shrimp are not always alive. Some chefs prefer to broil or boil them before marinating them in alcohol, while others prefer to marinate them in alcohol first and then serve them raw. In any case, it is a delicacy you should not pass up.



 Grilled pig’s brain




Grilled pig’s brain may sound disgusting and unappealing, but Asian good cooks know how to make it taste delicious. Grilled pig’s brain is a traditional Chinese snack made by combining the pig’s brain with sea pepper, pepper powder, and other condiments.



Rooster’s testicules




These testicles are only suitable for daredevils with the balls to try them. They are bouncy balls bigger than you’d expect, with thin veins and a tight plump texture. Male chicken testicles are typically boiled and eaten plain, but spicy stewed or garlic stir-fried options are available.



Manok Isaw



For the Filipinos, who have a soft spot for internal organs, barbecued chicken intestines are a national dish. Chicken gizzards, liver, and heart are all grilled on bamboo skewers and finished with a sweet and spicy sauce.



Grasshoppers deep-fried




Street vendors in Bangkok sell a wide variety of deep-fried bugs, from ants to hornets, caterpillars to grasshoppers. Whatever hops and bites is fair game for the palate. With the addition of chili powder, you’re in for a sizzling, jumpy ride.








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