One of the biggest challenges faced when you live in a tropical climate and when you are a wine lover is how to properly avoid heat damage to your wine.


Let’s start with the basic recommendations imposed for wine storage

When you store your wine keep it safe from light. As a good book, a good wine must be taking care of! At home, choose a room with poor lighting like a cellar but not the one with a washing mashing making a crazy fuss every week! A quiet room with only one door so no air flow and very rare temperature variations.

Make sure it’s safe from any vibration that would break molecules and damage its taste. Avoid keeping it under your stairs, or doors which can occasionally get slammed, and places with people moving around like kid’s playroom.

Ensure your bottles are lied down, so wine stays in contact with its cork, and it doesn’t dry. A dry cork shrinks leaks and lets oxygen in and it will oxidize your wine. That’s also a reason to store it in a humid place (but not too much), 60% to 70% of humidity is usually ideal.





After travel, leave it to rest for some time and store it in a room with a constant temperature around 12°C if possible. Temperatures that cause wine heat damage are surprisingly low, starting at 26°C – 80°F.

Are you in a house with a cave or any underground? Perfect. Isolate a part of it, floor included, build a kind of closet and now you have the best place to store your wine. Don’t forget to add a ventilation system. For your shelf, choose square storage spaces that allow easier classification with labels.

Of course, an electric wine cave solves any storage issues, like heat, vibrations, and light.



Tips for storing Wine in Hotter Climates

Try to avoid to transport wine too long or to leave it in a trunk of a hot vehicle, keep it inside the car with air conditioning.




Don’t buy wine from a warm wine store. Be aware of how the wine is being stored. Is the store unusually warm? Chances are those wines, are being stored at a too warm temperature and heat is not good for wine, it forces it to age more quickly than desired.





Don’t leave your bottle of wine open on your table once open. Direct sunshine or heat impact the quality of it.  It’s better to leave the wine bottle in the fridge (vegetable compartment) and to refill your glass when you’re ready.

Finally, to be sure your wine is stored properly or at the good temperature when you open it, use a thermometer.

Being confident with your setup doesn’t exclude a little bit of control!


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