A material stronger than steel but thinner than paper, sounds like a material coming out of a science fiction novel, right? Along with technology advances, scientists have invented some materials such as nylon or rubber that play an important role in our daily life. However, there are some materials created by Mother Nature that our technology could not replace until recently and the spider silk is one of them. Well known for its strength five times higher than steel, with a remarkable resilience and flexibility, the spider silk can stretch like rubber but is lighter than silk. Until today it was used in small quantity in the Kevlar and the famous bulletproof vest, but with his amazing abilities, the spider silk could be used in many more applications, but nobody could until now produce it on a very large scale.






Bolt Threads

Bolt Threads a venture backed, idea-driven American company, led by world-class scientifics and engineering talents, found the way to replicate this amazing silk production process sustainably on a very large scale by producing the protein in large quantities through fermentation using yeast, sugar, and water, spin it into fibers and weave these fibers into fabrics and garments. This new material made of protein, without Petroleum-based polymers, or toxic processes, with remarkable strength, elasticity, durability, and softness, will be available hopefully next year. Soon your beloved IPad will be waterproof and scratchproof while your clothes will be bulletproof!

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