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March 30.2019


‘Kayke Saigon’ specialty pastry delivery service, is bringing creative, home-baked goods straight to your door. The startup, a collaboration between Saigon-based marketer and food writer Joel Zorrilla and French pastry chef Didier Tayoro, offers a set weekly menu featuring specialty pastries like cheesecake tarts and vegan macarons.





With plenty of vegan and non-vegan options, Kayke’s rotating weekly menu has something for all tastes and plays alongside their set list of favorites.  They also host baking workshops for families, businesses, and groups led by Tayoro.





“Above all else, we want to bring people products they can’t find anywhere else, things you won’t necessarily find at the neighborhood bakery”, said Joel Zorrilla. “So far, we’ve delivered to expats who are homesick for certain desserts. But, moving forward, we hope to bring our products to a wider market in Saigon.  The ability to deliver on a scooter helps, too—the team can work by-the-order and ensure freshness.”





Didier Tayoro himself has a formal background of over ten years in the culinary world, working in France, England, New Zealand, and now Saigon. And in addition to tasting Tayoro’s specialty pastries through their delivery service, you can even learn to bake them yourself. Kayke has teamed up with CuisineCuisine , a cooking studio in Thao Dien, for their workshops. The hands-on classes teach you how to craft two different pastries in just two hours, led dutifully by Didier and, of course, not lacking in humor.


“We try to keep things fun”! added Zorrilla

From their pun-heavy Facebook and Instagram marketing tactics to workshops marked by Tayoro’s own dry wit, Kayke stays lighthearted. Their pastries, nevertheless, are the real deal. “It’s got a home-baked flavor, everything is fresh, and we want it to be accessible—even if you don’t have a background in french pastries or veganism, there’s something for everyone“. ‘Kayke Saigon’  takes delivery orders on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. They also take orders for offices and larger parties.


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