Soundtracks – A sound installation by Phùng Tiến Sơn at MoT +++


No doubt Sound art means having a moment. One of those moments where the temporal and the timeless meet. In his Soundtracks exhibition at the MoT +++ space, Phùng Tiến Sơn offers us a direct way to address ourselves to art and history through technology. 1768 sinuous traces retrace the connection paths between 1768 people disappeared and now resting in the cemetery of the martyrs of Vi Xuyen in Vietnam.





With Soundracks, the artist brings to the exhibition a digital manipulation of the sound allowing us to communicate directly to art with our eyes closed. Then we close our eyes, and the sound is then an indication, immediately affecting our emotions, without any thought or explanation. An intense and abstract moment in a labyrinth of whispers that cannot be seen touched or smelled.


About the artist:

Phùng Tiến Sơn is a multimedia visual artist and university dropout from Hanoi, Vietnam. Music is a continuing feature of Sơn’s practice, and he cites sound and technology as important influences in his work. Past exhibitions include group shows as an ongoing member of the Nhà Sàn Collective, the Hanoi Collective Orchestra in 2015 and 2016, and Utopia Land at Hanoi’s Heritage Space in 2017. in 2018, Sơn performed in Big Day of Performances – Happy Birthday Bill as part of MoT+++’s six-month performance plus programme. Soundtracks was first exhibited in the Nhà Sàn Collective show Mise en Scene in 2016.


About MoT+++:

MoT+++ is an independent art space located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Its aim is to create a dynamic space for experimentation that encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice. MoT+++ programme is constructed of a series of +1 projects that playfully expand on what is expected from a contemporary art space. In 2018 it launched both its +1 museum by any other name, and international art residency A. Farm in collaboration with the Nguyen Art Foundation and Sàn Art.


SoundtracksPhùng Tiến Sơn – February 23 – April 23


Saigon Domaine, Ground Floor,

1057 Bình Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam





February 23 – De 18h à 21h


Exhibition until April 23, 2019

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