July 11, 2020


Today, it is not always easy to see through the endless masses of fruit juices on the shelves of shops and supermarkets, and when we think of exotic fruit juices, we think of mango, passion fruit or even coconut juice. However, there are other exotic fruit juices that are just, if not more, delicious and which bring something unique and out of the ordinary. Many of these fruit juices are already known and produced in and around Asia in an artisanal way but are still rare on the European, American or even African markets.










SO’KANAA® sugar cane juice is first an explosion of flavor, then a bump of energy, all of which is extracted from Vietnamese pure sugar cane. A 100% natural product guaranteed to be without food color or preservatives and free of pesticides and GMOs. SO’KANAA® has managed to retain its organoleptic and nutritional properties, its texture, its original color and a distinctive and authentic taste.




SO’KANAA® – “It’s a lifestyle for those who want to feel healthy and responsible for their health”




With the Franco-Mexican singer Karla Lazo

Great for when you’re on the go in addition to being healthy and delicious, a SO’KANAA® cane juice is a bit like if you were drinking a sugar cane juice straight from an artisanal extractor on the streets of Vietnam, yet without any added sugars or unhealthy ingredients. This leaves you with a safe and functional drink full of flavor to give you a boost of energy and vitality every day.

Their juices have a lot of personality and are proud to carry strong values, such as respect for the earth, no additives, no pesticides or preservatives with the overall goal of promoting health and vitality in a natural way.  They are re-boosting and bring an instant feeling of energy and recovery that active and sporty people will surely appreciate. SO’KANAA® fruit juices are made carefully from sugar canes selected for their nutritional properties obtained by pressing and through a specific pasteurization process which guarantees conservation throughout the year. SO’KANAA® fruit juices come directly from juicy canes which are all harvested naturally.





Most of the sugars we use come from refined sugars and are a contributing cause of obesity. These sugars serve to merely sweeten food but don’t have any other properties. They do not provide any nutritional value, are unhealthy and cause a “shoot” of energy when they are consumed, but the body absorbs them so quickly that they don’t bring much benefit in the end.







At the opposite end of the spectrum of refined sugars is the sugar which comes from sugar cane; this can even be consumed by diabetics (with moderation) as it has a  low glycemic index and is ideal to recharge your body’s energy because it is rich in carbohydrates, calcium, magnesium, potassium , iron, vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3. It thus strengthens the immune defenses, the stomach, the kidneys, the heart, the eyes, the brain and even the sexual organs and all of this without the bad effects inherent in other forms of sugar. Did you know that a single glass of orange juice contains between 7 and 9 teaspoons of refined sugar, about the same quota as a can of Coke. This equates to 36 grams of carbohydrates, about half of what you should have in a day. Consumers aware of the nutritional content of their food generally know that most average fruit juices are laboratory concoctions.




“Pure exotic juices, a product on which marketing will be able to count in the future?”






In the food and beverage sector, pure exotic fruit juices represent an important part of the development and launch of new products, a figure which is still increasing. Fruit juices with sweeteners, in particular, have been going through difficult times for several years. Today, several factors contribute to the trend towards healthy, natural products and exotic fruits. In the near future, the North American fruit juice market is expected to generate US $ 41.2 billion in 2024. Germany and France, the largest consumers of fruit juice in Europe, are expected to follow. Currently, pure juices dominate the market in France and represent 60% of sales. Each French person consumes on average more than 22 liters per year.




“SO’KANAA® believes that you can drink fruit juices and be both healthy, cool, sexy and have a positive environmental impact”







SO’KANAA® believes in creating and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, both for people and for the environment. This is one of the many reasons why the sugarcane used to make SO’KANAA® juices is cultivated in Vietnam without pesticides or GMOs, rigorously selected for its flavor and flawless qualities where the “bagasse” (fibrous residue from sugar cane) biodegradable element can be recycled in multiple forms (straw, fuel…). This then constitutes one of the most important sources of renewable energy in the form of 100% recyclable waste. SO’KANAA® also uses glass bottles that can be melted to make new bottles without any loss of quality, transparency or material while limiting the release of CO2.




SO’KANAA® Sugar cane fields


Finally, the plantations are naturally irrigated and the harvests are done by hand and then transported to the company by boat, thus limiting the carbon footprint as much as possible. And if that was not enough, it should be recognized that, like corn and sorghum, sugar cane is one of the so-called “C4” plants. Their special function allows them to absorb much more carbon dioxide (CO2) and sunlight than other plants. In return, they also provide more oxygen and produce significant biomass.










This year, the brand launched a new range of 4 unique flavors of 100% natural juice and nectars, with a broader range of tastes—all or which contain, of course, no added sugar, no additives, no pesticides and no preservatives. The new flavor offerings in 2020 are Cane juice & Calamansi, Cane nectar & passion fruit, Cane nectar & Calamansi, and Cane nectar & pink guava.










SO’KANAA® fruit juices are perfect to be enjoyed fresh or on ice, plain or with a touch of lime and will give a unique touch to almost all your cocktails.


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