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March 9, 2021


The HCMC Museum of History is introducing a collection of never-seen-before antiques to the world through an online exhibition. The exhibition Victor Thomas Holbé started in early February 2021 featuring—for the first time ever—dozens of antiques displayed alongside their full details of origin, initial owners, and value.






Hoang Anh Tuan, the museum’s director, declared, “We have many collections that have yet to be exhibited. This online archive will help us gather the information we can use to plan future events.”

The online collection is divided into four categories based on the material and origin of each piece: Ivory from Vietnam, China, and Japan; 18th- and 19th-century gemstones: from China; ceramics from Vietnam and China; and worship statues.





In this exhibition you’ll also find a collection of piastre rooted in Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia, belonging to Victor Thomas Holbé (1857 – 1927), a French naval pharmacist who served as deputy Cochinchina governor.

The collection Victor Thomas Holbé, along with the society’s other pieces, helped to create the Blanchard de la Brosse Museum (now Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History) in 1929. On its opening day, January 1, 1929, Holbé’s collection was exhibited in the museum’s main hall. Some pieces were also presented in France at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.





Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History, formerly known as the National Museum of Vietnam, manages today over 43,000 documents and artifacts, including 13 collections and 12 national treasures reflecting Vietnam’s culture and history.



Photo courtesy Ho Chi Minh City Museum of History












Available in : Vietnamese

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