“Flowers by Hugo” reimagines flower bouquets with a personal French touch

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April 13.2021


When one considers flower arrangements, a ‘made-to-order’ system might come to mind. But one Saigon flower business is emphasizing freshness and the unique arrangements that come with keeping variation in mind as a way to bring customers a bouquet that can impress on all occasions. Bliss Saigon caught up with Flowers by Hugo founder Hugo Finix to learn more about his specialty flower arrangements, his background, and what makes Vietnam’s seasonal flowers stand out.









Bliss Saigon: How did you get your start with Flowers By Hugo?

Hugo: I had been working for many years in the hospitality industry—from eco-conscious tours all the way to helping manage hotels. Along the way, though, I always had a passion for flowers from a very young age. So, in early 2020 when the pandemic came along and the hospitality industry was turned on its head, I took a little time to myself, then developed the idea and hit the ground running with my flower business. More than anything, the goal has been to do something with creativity that’s directly linked to beauty.








BS: Can you describe a bit of what goes into each arrangement and how you choose your flowers?

Hugo: We operate based mostly on what flowers work on a given day. So the arrangement you’ll get really depends on what suppliers have at that moment — this way, we can work on both short notice or, with a little time, can be more amenable to specifications. To me, it’s great to embrace the day-to-day differences and variations within the local flower market, to really slow things down and find a natural harmony.








BS: What are the environmental considerations of the operation?

Hugo: Well, first of all, I do think it’s important to consider the overall impact of only using flowers from Vietnam. With imported flowers, the carbon footprint would be a lot bigger, of course. So I’m really happy to work with the beautiful flowers within Vietnam for that reason and more. Additionally, my arrangements don’t use plastic and only utilize biodegradable materials to put the bouquets together. All these small steps contribute to a green company.








BS: What is your workflow usually like with clients?

Hugo: What I like best about this model of embracing variation is that I get to develop a relationship with my clients. We can agree on a theme or idea by working together, but the end result can be a bit of a surprise. That means not only does someone buy an arrangement, but they get to learn about flowers at the same time — the short supply chain both helps us to be eco-friendly and is a way to highlight the flowers of Vietnam. I’ve worked with hotels to match unique decor themes and even done some more experimental arrangements, too.








BS: Are there any misconceptions people might have about caring for and finding the right flowers in general?

Hugo: One thing that I’ve learned is that with the right treatment, flowers can really last longer than most people think. When working with roses that are in-season from Da Lat, for instance, they can stay fresh for a long time. Another small thing is that many people think vases need to be filled high with water when, in reality, they only need a little bit – except for roses and hydrangeas. Overall, since flowers are, naturally, living things, people should be ready for them to take on new features and color profiles. And in keeping strong relationships with clients, we also make ourselves available to consult and answer questions for the best care once they’ve made it to a new home.







Flowers by Hugo provides you with the freshest and most creative bouquets and baskets of blooms. If you want to send a love message, or simply a nice bouquet to someone, contact them and in 24 – 48 hours a beautiful flower arrangement will be delivered to your beloved one.

Learn more about Flowers by Hugo HERE

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Available in : Vietnamese

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