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September 30.2021


Although the Philippines itself, especially in major cities, is an increasingly modernized country, Siquijor island, located in the Southern Visayas (the central group of Philippines islands), remains somewhat of a mystery.  Indeed Siquijor surnamed ‘The island of fire’ is still full of shamans and healers, all offering magical services for those seeking them.







At 86 years old, Consing Achay is the only person on the island able to practice Bulo Bulo, a technique for removing evil spirits, but she is only one of the dozens of Mananambals (traditional healers) to practice on Siquijor. Shamans cast spells causing sickness or death, and others practice Faith healing, Hilot (massage), or cook potion with local herbs to help people… Most of these unique concoctions can only be made once a year, during the Lenten Festival of Herbal Preparation between Maundy Thursday and Holy Saturday.







Amazingly, though there is hardly any sign of the modern world there, you can still say Siquijor is “one of the most advanced province in the Philippines” as its literacy rate is among the highest while the crime rate is the lowest in the country.







Made mostly of limestone and coral, this 15 km island is the third-smallest province in the country. Cebuano is the main language here, but local people can also speak Tagalog and English. Siquijor is a small island so you can cross it by motorcycle within just four hours. White sand beaches, turquoise sea, waterfalls, incredible flora and fauna with turtles, eels and lionfish will certainly make your day!







How to get there
There is no airport on Siquijor Island. You can get to Dumaguete, Cebu, Bohol, Negros oriental from Manila then take an hour-long boat ride. From Siquijor’s port, tricycles or Tuk Tuk can take you to your destination.


When to go
Anytime, but better to get there during the dry season from March to June.






Available in : Vietnamese

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