Should you drink coffee?

The answer is yes. Recent research in Harvard University indicated that drinking moderate amounts of coffee can reduce the risk of dying early from a wide range of causes. After studying over 150,000 people, the researchers found that coffee drinker also has a lower risk of death from type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, neurological illness and even suicide over a 30-year period. Caffeine in coffee may be the key preventing those causes as it may have a positive effect on people spirit, but the study did not have enough data to prove this. If you still do not drink any coffee today, get one right now, since three 250ml cups of coffee a day can reduce those risk by 15 percent, according to the researchers. That is equal to one and a tall half cups of coffee in Starbuck, in case you love them.





However, it does not mean that drinking 30 cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk by 150 percent; it is not that simple. If you feel restlessness, anxiety, dizziness or insomnia, you should stop drinking it right away as they are short-term symptoms indicating that you have too much caffeine. Over consumption of coffee in long-term can leads to even more severe health problems like miscarriage and lung cancer.

So how much coffee is enough? In the moderate amount as you read it in the first line. The maximum caffeine intake is 400 milligrams per day, based on the research, but you should listen to your body first. If you get those short-term symptoms, or even just skip a few heartbeats, then it means you have reached your maximum.



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