May 25, 2020


Podcasts are now big business, worth millions and a market in the midst of a transformation. Today it feels like everyone listens to podcasts, and it’s a trendy form of media. Journalists, celebrities, academics, and yes, anyone else who owns a mixing desk and a microphone, can now have a regular show. The quality is generally good but some efforts can still be hit. Today we’re not going to talk about these dozens of podcasts popping up on the web around the same themes but just about one podcast producer in Saigon worth the detour.







‘Seven Million Bikes’ was founded by Niall Mackay, originally from Glasgow (UK), as the first the voice of Saigon or Hồ Chí Minh City — a busy, bustling, crazy, and chaotic metropolis home to nearly 9 million people and over 7 million motorbikes. But both Saigon and Vietnamese culture present a unique set of challenges for anyone living here, whether you are a foreigner or Vietnamese.







With its podcasts, ‘Seven Million Bikes’ aims to talk first to the people that live or pass by Saigon by featuring stories inspired by insiders living in town from all walks of life and backgrounds. From ‘What to do in 24 h off in Saigon’ to ‘The DragMother of GenderFunk, Vietnam’s alternative Queer scene’, everything is there. Whether you’re a local, new in town, or just passing through, you’ll be sure to find something in ‘Seven Million Bikes’ that piques your interest. And if you’re lucky you might even hear Biscuit, Niall’s French Bulldog, snoring in the background!


Listen to Seven Million Bikes HERE

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