Seoul adopts non-discriminatory universal design for public restrooms.

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July 20.2021



The Seoul Metropolitan Government and its affiliated Universal Design Center announced last week that they had used non-discriminatory ‘universal design’ for public restrooms at three district community centers, refering to the principles of design that make a building or product accessible to all people, regardless of disability, gender, age, or nationality.







The city government placed large pictographs at the entrances of public restrooms to help those with poor vision or foreigners find them more easily. The entrance door was also modified to open by pushing a button, with a foot switch that allows users to open the door by pressing it with their foot. Chairs for infants and diaper decks are also installed in men’s public restrooms. Warmers are installed beneath the diaper decks to keep infants warm. By the end of this year, the city government intends to apply the universal design not only to public restrooms but also to other infant-friendly spaces such as feeding rooms.








Available in : Vietnamese

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