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November 7, 2020






After setting up Le Club Food & Wine in HK, Alexandra Rendall part of the Bettane+Desseauve team organizes monthly in HCMC to brighten the horizon of every wine amateur, Le Club Food & Wine for tastings with more than 20 wines and delicacies to discover for every event.
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Long thought to be a marketing gimmick, the sustainable trend has now become a fundamental move in the world of winemaking. And so it should be. Using fewer or no pesticides in the vineyards and following nature’s cycle to tend to the vine have proven to give better fruit, healthier results and provide more balance overall. Using softer techniques and less or no additives in the winery makes for better wines, the final product being deeper and more expressive. Internationally recognized certifications are great ways to find one’s way, but the truth lies within the beliefs of the men and women who make the wines themselves. Helping the planet and supporting those who make these wines and those who bring them to your door, right here in Vietnam, are all good reasons to try the wines from this selection.




Le Temps est Venu. Stephane Ogier. Côtes du Rhône. France. 2017



Stephane Ogier’s ambition is at the level of the quality his wines have reached, as well as of the size of the winery he has built to enable vinification by plots of all his Côte Rôtie and Seyssuel terroirs. Vinification in wood barrels is present but masterfully integrated by long periods of maturation.

A reliable source of excellent Syrahs from the Northern Rhone, Stephane’s quest to be as true as possible to the minutiae of his soils means he uses technique of years past to tend to his vines whenever possible. This includes even plowing between rows using the force of horses instead of modern methods.

Characteristics: Good ripe fruit, flesh, structured, a pleasant and pleasurable wine, with a beautiful freshness at the end. Enjoy with meats, selection from the grill, or to cook a stew.

ATC Wine Merchant. Price: 860,000VND





Paxton Organic NOW (Natural Organic Wine) 100% preservative free Shiraz. Australia. 2019.



Paxton believes biodynamics is the most advanced form of organic farming. Using natural preparations and composts, they bring soil and vine into balance, thus obtaining pure and expressive fruit.

For this Shiraz, Paxton goes one step further in its endeavor: this natural wine is made with no preservatives (no added Sulphur dioxide). And as the acronym NOW also suggests, it is made as a fruit-forward wine to be fully enjoyed NOW.

Characteristics: an explosion of berries and plum, in the mouth the layers of vibrant intense fruit play hide and seek with silky tannins for a velvety finish. Great wine to drink with some pizza, vegetables and dips. Price: 595,000vnd.





Handpicked Regional Selections Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir. Australia. 2019.



On the lookout for the best expression of given varietals, Handpicked Wines are keen to expand their wines sustainably. Be it with organic practices in the vineyard or lightening their carbon footprint by using sustainable sources for packaging, they are committed to environmental responsibility.

Characteristics: a floral and fruity pinot noir, with a great color, cherry fruit fragrance, a touch of spices and silky tannins. Perfect match:  a cheese board.

SAS. Price: Price: 770,000vnd





Domaine des Roches Neuves. Les Terres Chaudes. Saumur Champigny. France. 2015.




Coming from Bordeaux in the 1990s, Thierry Germain first based himself with his original region’s ways. Over the course of vintages, he took in the Loire influence and abandoned long maturation in wood. He now cultivates his 22 hectares in biodynamics. The balance of plant and soil allow an earlier harvest, with maturity being reached before temperatures start rising; minerality is therefore preserved and tension is maintained.

Characteristics: a charming wine, with beautifully rounded tannins and great depth. Perfect with cold-cuts.

Red Apron boutiques. Price: 1,558,000vnd





Domaine Cosse et Maisonneuve. Le Combal. Cahors. France. 2014.



The association between Mathieu Cosse, brilliant winemaker and retired rugby-man, crazy about great wines and food, and Catherine Maisonneuve, one of the most idealistic winemakers in France, gives some of the most complete and sincere wines of Cahors, at the very top of the Appellation. Certified organic, this vineyard gives wines of great intensity which are also well-made and elegant in the image of greater Bordeaux. This grand style is perceivable in all the domaine’s cuvées, with no exception.

Characteristics: dense, ripe black fruit, with notes of spices and a touch of cocoa and tobacco. Great balance. To enjoy with a grilled steak.  Price: 920,000vnd









Available in : Vietnamese

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