Salmon marinated in honey and hazelnut oil, Arugula salad with walnuts and hazelnuts

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December 3. 2020


Your guide to a time-tested, simple, and gorgeous dish by Chef Thierry Guineau for a stress-free Christmas meal.


Does the thought of cooking a Christmas dinner for friends and family make you shudder? Our Chef Thierry Guineau has created an ultimate simplified recipe, specially-developed for you to savor a delicious meal with family or friends for a stress-free Christmas meal.




Salmon marinated in honey and hazelnut oil, Arugula salad with walnuts and hazelnuts




Fresh salmon fillets

A few shelled hazelnuts

A few walnuts







Arugula salad

5 cl olive oil

A few drops of balsamic vinegar


Red chili

Freshly cracked ground pepper

Some nuts and hazelnuts


For the arugula salad with walnuts and hazelnuts

Mix everything for a small vinaigrette with chopped hazelnuts and walnuts




Fish preparation





This process and prep is very simple; all you need is some fresh big salmon fillets from which the fish bones are removed one by one using small pliers.

Put some coarse salt in a Tupperware container on which you lay the fish fillet, then cover it with coarse salt and put it in the fridge for a day, or roughly 6 hours, to remove all its water.

6 hours later, take out the fillet, remove the salt from it, then rinse it well in very cold water to desalt it well.

Then place the fish on an absorbent white cloth or paper towel and pat it dry.

Brush some honey on both sides of the salmon fillet, which will give the salmon tenderness and taste. Honey is also an anti-bacterial and works as a disinfectant.


For the marinade

Mix the hazelnut oil with the chopped shallots, add some chopped walnuts and hazelnuts, pepper, a nice drop of honey, and stir everything together.

Pour this marinade into a dish, place the fillet in the marinade, cover the dish and let it marinate in the fridge all day, or overnight.

When ready to serve, take the salmon out of its marinade, lay it out on your board, and then cut it as you wish to get extra-fine filets, and finally place them on a plate. Cover the slices of salmon with seasoned arugula, sprinkle with some broken walnuts and hazelnuts found in the vinaigrette, a little chives, a few hints of red chili, crack some freshly ground pepper on; however, do not add salt again.





Grandson of a famous French Chef (his grandfather owned the Buffet de la Gare de Rennes, in France at the end of the 19th century), Thierry Guineau has accumulated forty years of culinary experience throughout the world. During his stay in Asia, he was recognized prodigious, draped in his jacket of Executive Chef at the Meridien of Jakarta, at the Holiday Inn Harbin China, at the Meridien of Phuket, the Sheraton Zhongshan in China, or at the Coco Beach Vietnam, to name a few. Today, he lives in Mui Né, Vietnam and share his free time between consulting and professional training where he passes on his knowledge to the most disadvantaged.







Available in : Vietnamese

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