Rolls-Royce and Iris van Herpen Unveil a Bespoke Masterpiece


April 12.2023

In an unprecedented collaboration with renowned Dutch fashion designer Iris Van Herpen, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has unveiled the intricate, Haute Couture-inspired Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia built for an unnamed client. The Two opulent houses that share talent, skill, a love of materials, and a commitment to excellence have worked together for four years to develop Phantom Syntopia.






All Senses Engaged in an Immersive Experience

Everything for the Phantom Syntopia was made by hand. One flawless sheet of leather is used to create the “Weaving Water” starlight headliner, a distinguishing feature of the Phantom and precise symmetrical laser cuts reveal a silver liquid metal texture made from woven nylon fabric for a sculptural, three-dimensional appearance.





The exterior of the Phantom Syntopia is painted with a paint that required about 3,000 hours to perfect. In the sunlight, the shimmering shade comes to life, revealing purple, blue, magenta, and gold undertones from different angles. Additionally, the bonnet features a subtly rendered “Weaving Water” motif that highlights the theme of Phantom Syntopia.





The idea of “Weaving Water” served also as an inspiration for Iris van Herpen, who wanted to turn the experience of movement inside the Phantom into a fluid, immersive one with shifting three-dimensional waves inside the car to embody the ingenuity of nature. To give the headliner a dreamy sense of movement, delicate petals of glass organza (a fabric with the sheen of glass) were applied, and sparkling fiber optic stars were strategically placed to illuminate from the back to the front. Magic Grey leather was used for the front seats’ finishes, while a specially designed silk-blend fabric was used for the back seats’ upholstery. The tufting method frequently used in the creation of fine furniture served as inspiration for the Weaving Water motif quilted on the seats.





Also reflecting the “Weaving Water” artworks are the picnic tables and the passenger panel mirrors, which were coated with multiple coats of paint and lacquer that contained various amounts of glass particles. The Phantom Syntopia is the first Rolls-Royce vehicle to have a Bespoke scent, creating a luxurious experience that is truly immersive. In close collaboration with the clients, a professional perfumer developed the scent that is contained within the headrests.


And for the final touch, Van Herpen created a dress for the client with a sculptural design using liquid metal fabric and glass organza petals, which were then laser-cut and hand-stitched in a pattern to resemble undulating waves.




“Phantom Syntopia is the most technically complex commission we have ever created and it was an exceptional experience to work alongside and collaborate with the incredible team at Iris Van Herpen’s atelier,” says Jonathan Simms, General Manager, Bespoke, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

In May, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Syntopia will join the clients’ private collection. Rolls-Royce has promised that it will never be duplicated as a testament to its exclusivity.

“A car like Phantom is designed to be passed on to generations. These are heirlooms, are one-offs, and people who commission them keep them. It’s akin to buying a piece of art, which is often handed to the next family member” added Iris Van Herpen.








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