This unique book retracing the unique cultural heritage of the Muong group is The must-have gift for all book’s lovers in surch of vietnamese culture.  This written work received the Viet Nam Book Award 2016 and is considered today as The encyclopedia about the Muong’s customs and culture.

Put in writting by Luu Xuan Ly, former director of the Department of Culture and Ethnicity, The book is based on the original version on the Muong’s customs, morality and humanity by folklorist Bui Thien. Within 40 years of collecting and researching on Muong culture heritage, especially about the rituals performance, Bui Thien divided his researches in three main categories: “Mo performance”, “Truong performance” and “Moi performance.” Each category has its own uniqueness, and share a common thing: the association with the spiritual world, written under the form of a poem. In order to get the essential part of the incredible work of Bui Thien, Luu Xuan, Ly had to select, a huge amount of information coming from the original work, (about 7-8000 A4 pages), and had to condense them in a 1000 pages book. Unfortunatelly, this “treasure” is only available  in Vietnamese…




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