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November 15.2021


This one-of-a-kind book retracing the Muong group’s unique cultural heritage is a must-have gift for all book lovers looking to discover a new side of Vietnamese culture. Cuốn sách “Diễn xướng nghi lễ-Di sản văn hóa đặc sắc của dân tộc Mường” won the Viet Nam Book Award in 2016 and is now regarded as an encyclopedia of Muong customs and culture.





The book was written by Luu Xuan Ly, former director of the Department of Culture and Ethnicity, and is based on folklorist Bui Thien’s original version on the Muong’s customs, morality, and humanity. Bui Thien divided his 40-year research on Muong culture heritage, particularly rituals performance, into three main categories: “Mo performance,” “Truong performance,” and “Moi performance.”





Each category has its own identity, but they all have one thing in common: an association with the spiritual world written in the form of a poem. Ly had to select a large amount of information in order to get the essential part of Bui Thien’s, Luu Xuan’s, incredible work. Ly had to select a large amount of information from the original work (about 7-8000 A4 pages) and condense it into a 1000 page book in order to get the essential part of Bui Thien, Luu Xuan’s incredible work. This treasure, unfortunately, is only available in Vietnamese…






Available in : Vietnamese

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