December 5 2019


At Bliss Saigon, we sometimes have to review restaurants by listening to the overheated chatter of food professional, by trawling the endless torrents of information online, and sometimes even by wandering the streets looking for something new and interesting to eat. Sometimes we hear rumors from people who have been living in the city for a long time, lovers of a certain kind of cuisine, who tell you about this fabulous place visited the night before. Often these murmurs fade to nothing, but sometimes they grow louder until you finally impelled after some time to go to see what all this fuss is about.







N21, which opened for some time in a busy street in HCMC’S District 3, is one of those restaurants. Few of the culinary ventures to open in Saigon over the past few years fit as seamlessly into. The restaurant adjacent to a hotel occupies a 2-storey anchor spot, with open spaces, two terraces and a mezzanine that can be privatized for any type of event.

The prime tables in the various bustling rooms, command prominent front-row lively streets of the district or on an indoor pool, which means you can sip your carefully procured glass of rosé while looking out and relax.







The team envisioned the place as an international-inspired neighborhood hub: a vast restaurant that offers eclectic yet simple cuisine using excellent British, Australian, and local produces bringing together an incredible flavor.

Sit at the bar or in the front window, and the food menu you’re handed tells you right away that this is not going to be a typical postcard from Vietnam.







The menu is varied while being concise and it is always a good sign. At N 21, they serve from 6:00 to 22:45, buffet breakfasts, lunch sets including a two-course formula for 210,000 Vnd or a three-course for 240,000 Vnd or à la carte dishes at convincing prices.




Chef Max Wiersma isn’t playing with the usual set of flavors at N 21, He isn’t putting them together in the usual ways, either. The starting point of his menu is an Anglo Saxon cuisine, with a hybrid style forged by a life abroad. Some of his dishes clearly have English roots but have sprouted into something new.






Thus, the ‘Gochujang Chicken skewer’, comes from a well-fed chicken with crispy skin homemade braised, flavored with lemongrass and coming with guavas. If you’re craving an opulent dinner, take the ‘8Hour US beef brisket choice’, slowly cooked coming with corn chips and onion confit, or the ‘300 G US choice ribeye’ with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, crispy shallots, and aioli.



We particularly enjoyed the ‘Sesame Teppanyaki Seared Tuna Fillet’, with Soy Glaze with Okra, Rice, Noodle, Lemon and Wasabi, for its superb mix of textures and flavors. And if it was still not enough for you, you could always crack for the ‘Confit duck rolls’ with a sate sauce which is certainly ‘a go-to-item’!






Finally, N21 also organize themed events. This Saturday, December 7th a Pool party is organized there with sunglasses, bikini, House music, and Lillet Tonic – Gin Tonic – Cuba Libre – Vodka + Mixer – Mojito and Margarita 80,000 Vnd. So why do without it?






Restaurant N21

21 Ngô Thời Nhiệm, Phường 6, Quận 3

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam










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