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February 29, 2020




F&b system pos are revolutionizing the hospitality landscape today but one of the issues that hospitality managers still always face is saving time, finding time to train staff, and ensure that they are properly skilled to do their job. This is where Raptor Point of Sales (POS) steps in.





Raptor Point of Sales (POS) was designed to be quick and easy to use. The POS / Point of Sales interface screens is carefully designed so that all type of transactions will take the minimum number of screen touches. For instance, a bartender would only require only two key presses to sell a beer to a guest at the bar. After all, isn’t the hospitality industry all about providing excellent service? Every click on the screen is captured which provides unparalleled security. With a full audit feature in the Raptor back office, every change in price/promotion is captured too, gone are the days when changes are made in the system and no one knows who did it.

Raptor Point of Sales / POS software provides you the ability to quickly train a waiter, new cashier or even a new manager. All transactions are executed based on a logical process, which incorporates screen layouts that makes the next key press almost predictable. This means with the reduced training times, your staff can spend more time serving customers instead, and this, of course, will contribute to the success of your establishment.


Learn more about how you can easily save time and train your staff with Raptor POS System 

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