Ramengvrl – One of Asia’s Top Rappers

July 16. 2022


Being a female musician in Indonesia is difficult, but Ramengvrl, a 29-year-old rapper, has overcome stereotypes and criticism since her debut in 2016 and is now regarded as one of Asia’s Top Rappers/Songwriters. Ramengvrl’s latest single, “FACTS,” was released last week. The single is part of the asiatic.wav Vol 1 EP compilation series, which also includes Mongolian hip-hop artist Mr. M, Thailand’s Phum Viphurit, and others. Although hip-hop has been around in Indonesia since the 1990s, there isn’t a large market for the genre, except for a few MCs who have crossed over into the mainstream, such as Iwa K, Saykoji, and Yacko.





“In general, people in Indonesia don’t listen to hip-hop unless it’s a viral TikTok song,” Ramengvrl explained. The rise of Indonesian rapper Rich Brian, who went viral on YouTube and other social media platforms in 2016, inspired many young Indonesian rappers to release music and aspire to achieve the same level of success, helping to grow the industry and draw more attention to Indonesian hip-hop. Ramengvrl’s music contains themes such as drugs, money, and sex — all of which are commonplace in the genre — but it also addresses issues such as her struggles and challenges archaic gender stereotypes.





Ramengvrl was raised in a conservative, Catholic home and worked 9-to-5 corporate jobs until she quit her job and released her breakthrough single with local label Underground Bizniz Club a few years ago. “I’m Da Man” is a swaggering trap song about being “the man” and killing it in the rap game despite being the new kid on the block. She describes Indonesia as “a very conservative country.” “I don’t think there are many Indonesian songs that encourage women to feel like a boss.” A lot of them are usually about heartbreaks or falling in love, … It’s adorable, but who wants to be like that all the time? Do you believe that Indonesian girls do not want to be boss too? “My music is first and foremost for my self-expression, but I realized it can also be fuel for women to feel empowered and get that chance to express themselves, too”.




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