February 24.2019


Felipe aka ‘Phonic Dependance’ is a freelance drummer – composer and creator of ‘Squid in Chains’ a duet of contemporary music with the multi-instrumentalist and composer Douglas Schmidt from Canada. As a drummer, Felipe plays in Saigon with famous local bands: Bohemius, Plug n’ Play, A Voz do Morro, Jabiru and from time to time sit in Niko Palm’s Pêche à la Mouche.




This month we had the chance to interview Felipe. Through his playlist, Felipe evokes his background, his influences and inspirations and we went back in time to highlight names like John Scofield and the trio Medeski Martin, Wood Scofield’s, as if the 90s whispered again in our ears…





A Go Go – John Scofield


I am a drummer and the word ‘groove’ is part of my daily vocabulary. ‘Groove’ is unexplainable by words but when you hear a good groove your body responds almost immediately, your feet start to tap on the floor or your head swings. This is exactly what happened when I heard the first time A Go Go by John Scofield and the trio Medeski Martin and Wood, two of my biggest influencers. The grove is there, loose and incredibly tight at the same time.



Mehliana (Brad Mehldau & Mark Guiliana) – Hungry Ghost (Live)


Improvisation is an art which does not get the attention it deserves, especially if the tone is sad. Nowadays people consume music, they focus more on the image than the sound.

When Brad Meldhau and Mark Guiliana met in early 2010 (ish), they performed a duo based on an improvisation where a short idea became a whole journey made of sounds. I have a big respect for these two guys.



Jean Sibelius – Finlandia op. 26 – Musiikkitalo Official Opening 31.8.2011


I am not religious but I am definitely spiritual. This recording was done at the inauguration of Finland’s “Music House”, which host the most important symphonic music groups in Europe. Jean Sibelius wrote this tone poem in 1899 and revised it a year later where he added a hymn in the middle of the piece (5’31). ‘Finland Awakens’ is an important part of the history of Finland as it was written as an act of rebellion against the Russification of the country which was happening at the time.



FORQ – Lymaks (Batch)


One of the most hardworking musician today is the bass player Michael League. Indeed, founder of the house ‘Snarky Puppy’, he is also the founder of the record label ‘ground up music’ producing fresh new high-quality music. ‘Lymark’s is one of my favorite music pieces. I just love the synth work by Henry Hei.



The Heritage Orchestra – Sky breaks


Sky breaks by the Heritage Orchestra marked a new period in my listening journey. There is a moment in 7’05 where the texture (amount of sound) of the guitar and cello drop and come back in full force at the most unexpected moment. The Heritage Orchestra was formed in East Sussex, England by Jules Buckley and Christopher Wheeler. Although the term orchestra only explains it’s format (strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion) these musicians play off everything but traditional orchestral music and fuse a large array of styles and sounds.



(HD) Campo Alegre – Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto / Así tocan los indios VIDEOCLIP OFICIAL (COLOMBIA)


The Cumbia is Colombian and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Variations have been developed in all Latin countries but the seeds were planted in the Caribbean coasts of Colombia. The Cumbia is the result of African influences and indigenous tribes living at that time in the region.

This ensemble, Gaiteros de San Jacinto is one the most emblematic music group in Colombia and is the ambassador of the traditional Cumbia around the world. They recently collaborated with the legendary Dub producer from the UK, Adrian Sherwood.



Acoustic Ladyland’s Cuts & Lies feat. Coco Electrik


I was very fortunate to live in London and be part of the highly creative music scenes. I met, watch and played with some amazing musicians. Amongst those were members of the band Acoustic Ladyland, part of the f-ire collective. These guys are incredibly talented jazz players. Acoustic Ladyland’s Cuts & Lies feat is technically a simple song but full of energy released in perfect dose and ending quite hight.



União da Ilha 1977 3/12 – Domingo


I feel very close to Samba and music from Brazil since I spent four years playing with the London based group Rhythms of the City. I don’t think I ever met such a high level of energy since. We used to play together União da Ilha 1977 3/12 which was the 1977 song for the Uniao Da Ilha School.







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