Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch



The documentary everyone needs to see this September 6th and 8th at the Hive Saigon


Thousands of miles away from civilization, Midway Atoll is in one of the most remote places on earth. And yet it’s become ground zero for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, siphoning plastics from three distant continents. In this independent documentary film, journalist/filmmaker Angela Sun travels on a personal journey of discovery to uncover this mysterious phenomenon. Along the way, she meets scientists, researchers, influencers, and volunteers who shed light on the effects of our rabid plastic consumption and learns the problem is more insidious than we could have ever imagined.


The Holista in collaboration with the Hive is screening the documentary Plastic Paradise this September 6th and 8th 2018 at the Hive Saigon. Yes, the use of Plastic is a massive pollution problem in Asia and Vietnam after China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand is the 5th country who is dumping more plastic into oceans than the rest of the world combined according to a 2017 report by Ocean Conservancy.


But this isn’t just an Asian problem. Plastic is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world because, not only does plastic kill marine life and seabird, but toxic fragments from plastic end up in the seafood and fish we eat, and it requires decades to break down. The situation isn’t hopeless though. The best way to cut plastic waste is to cut consumption. Coming at the screening of the film, followed by a showcasing of eco-friendly products available in HCMC that can easily replace the non-eco-friendly products we tend to find in households, is already a way to start making the changes and join the movement.






La Holista

La Holista is a Health & Wellness Company founded by Chiara Squinzi, Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Functional Medicine Student, in partnership with Pascale Fioretti, an experienced Hospitality professional, NLP & Executive Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Rob a sport and fitness coach running the Saigon Swim Squad in Vietnam.


The Hive

The Hive is a Saigon’s widest network of coworking office spaces, where creative businesses thrive.


Plastic Paradise film screening

Date and time: September 6th, 2018 – 6.30 pm

September 8th, 2018 – 1.30 pm

The Hive

Adress: 94 Xuân Thủy, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh

Téléphone: 028 3620 3481




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