Simple tips to keep your pillows clean

February 15. 2023

Between saliva and perspiration, during the night, we lose an average of 1.5 liters of water. This is absorbed by the pillowcase, but also by the pillow. From then on, it will turn yellow over the days, but will also accumulate some mites and bacteria. This is why you should remember to clean your pillow from time to time. However, washing a pillow can be a real challenge. The foam inside can move and can get damaged. So, here are few simple tips you can try right now!





How to clean a pillow?

First and foremost, your pillow should be washed every three months. The cleaning method will vary depending on the filling: washing machine, dry wash, tumble dryer, hand wash… If you wash it in the washing machine, remember to put a tennis ball in the drum to keep the pillow from deflating. Select a program for delicate fabrics that do not spin or spins slowly. You won’t be able to wash a memory foam or latex pillow in the washing machine. As a result, ventilate it every day and wash your pillowcase regularly. Your pillowcase should be washed at least once every 15 days because it protects the pillow. Make certain that it is completely dry before reapplying it. Every day, remember to air out your pillow and pillowcase.





How to wash a Synthetic pillow?

Synthetic pillows can be machine washed with a cycle below 40 degrees.


How to wash a memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows’ elastic material conform to the shape of your neck and head. They should not be washed to preserve this. You can, however, disinfect them with a mist.


How to wash a latex pillow?

Latex pillows are made of a delicate material that cannot be washed. As a result, instead of washing them, infuse them with a delicate fragrance or essential oils.


How to wash a down pillow?

Hand washes your down pillows, dipping them in lukewarm water mixed with mild soap. Rub them in by hand, before rinsing them thoroughly in the shower. Dry them flat or hanging on the clothesline. In the washing machine, the pillows can be cleaned with a gentle cycle, without spinning, at less than 40 degrees.





How to wash a feather pillow?

The feather pillow should not be washed in the washing machine. Pour soda crystals or baking soda powder into a basin to clean it. Then, using a sponge, scrub the entire pillow, shake it, and quickly rinse it.


How to wash a pillow with steam?

Use a steam machine to clean a pillow without damaging it. However, do not use this technique on pillows made of foam, latex, or elastic material.


How do you remove yellow stains from a pillow?

To clean a yellowed pillow, sprinkle it with some soda crystals and spray it with white vinegar, using a spray bottle, and leave it to act for a few hours. Then wash your pillow.


How to whiten a pillow?

Sweat, and dust cause the yellowing of pillows. Once or twice a year, machine wash them with soda crystals or baking soda to whiten them.


How to disinfect a pillow?

Disinfect your pillows once or twice a year. Combine half a cup of baking soda and a few drops of tea tree essential oil in a small bowl. Scrub the pillow with a soft bristle brush after applying this mixture. Then shake the pillow to get rid of any excess.









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