Phan Anh to Hold Solo Exhibition in Saigon


This half-real-half-fictional “museum of the mind” show presents the artist’s archives of the memories of his late grandmother.

Found objects or artifacts (collective memories) are metamorphosed into personal memories to reflect the identities of two individuals whose beliefs are influenced by differing geographical and historical contexts in which the mind and compassion of humankind are the shared heirloom being inherited and continued.





The repetition of images and human behaviors are intentionally observed, documented, and reconstructed, not only to replicate history, but also to pose questions or, in a way, re-identify the given objects and phenomena.

“Museum of the mind” takes place in a residential space that has lost its function – a space in which the artist and his companions have reconditioned in an attempt to challenge the definition of a museum per se… Follow up the article on Hands-On




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