Could Owning a Boat Boost Your Mental Health?

September 11,2019


Boats, especially yachts, are often used as a social status symbol considering how costly some of them are. However, many boat owners invest in these vessels, not as a show-off, but for the experience and advantages that they reap from regular cruising. Vietnam is rich with vast inland and coastal waterways with a network of rivers, lakes, and canals. Exploring these open waters or cruising down a wide river as you connect to the environment and fish could provide a unique experience that can not be forgotten. Furthermore, a substantial amount of research has found that owning a boat is therapeutic to the body and mind.







Owning a boat draws you close to nature

In modern times, technology and financial firms are making boat acquisition a simple and affordable process. You can get a friendly loan, carry out all transactions online and get it delivered to you. Just like hikers and mountaineers, boaters enjoy the tranquility of nature and understand how powerful and precious it is. Unlike many people who are too busy to realize how deep the environment is, sailors learn to listen to nature’s whispers and be aware of what is going on around them. Losing oneself to the wind blowing and the rhythmic waves underneath is a magical experience. Being conscious at the moment and observing the flow of your emotional activity brings about a greater inner calm. It facilitates creative responses to everyday challenges, according to a new study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. In the long run, you will be mentally upright, self-assured, positive, and happy.







Cruising regularly reduces stress

There have been a lot of research that links an array of chronic health conditions to stress and depression. You can reduce the occurrence of depression and these diseases by regularly cruising through local waterways, such as the famous Mekong river. Having your very own boat means endless accessibility to the water anytime you desire to break from the busy lifestyle. You also get to have fun with your family if you choose to tag them along. People who spend quality time with their loved ones regularly are less likely to experience stress or depression, as various studies suggest. 







Many people hold back from buying a boat because they think it is expensive to purchase and maintain. Contrary, obtaining a private boat can be one of the cheapest ways to enjoy nature and cruising. After the initial purchase, you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run as you cruise as much as you want. No matter what type of boat you can afford, owning one brings to the table many health benefits.




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