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In the spirit world, Gin, Vodka, Rum, and Whiskey are the favorites of bartenders today. Here is our selection of the best alcohols for the end of this year.



# Gin




Blurry Moon, organic

Well known for its Armagnacs, the Gimet distillery launches a new 100% organic Gin, made from organic farming plants, with essential oils extracted during the distillation process. A unique Gin with a unique aromatic signature. Its fresh and captivating scent is due to cinchona. To consume on ice or in Gin Tonic.






Nikka Coffey Gin

The famous Japanese whiskey house launches today a Gin-based on corn distillation and malted barley elaborated from a ‘Coffey’ imported from Glasgow already used to produce a range of pure malts whiskeys. The Nippon touch of this gin come from the presence of many citrus fruits used in its composition: yuzu, kabosu, Hamamatsu … The Lime and the orange blossom dominate when the taste is creamy with fruity and spicy flavors.







Ki No Tea, Kyoto Dry Gin

This other Japanese Gin gives the first place to teas present in big part of its composition. Intense aromas and deep flavors give to this Gin a special originality. A real discovery to drink with ice.











# Vodka






Champagne grapes are on the rise to make Vodka nowadays. After Cobalte and Veuve Capet, here is Guillotine, a Vodka made in France from Champagne grape (Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Meunier). Its bright lemony scent reveals a creamy texture lining the palate and a refreshing saline taste.






Kalak Vodka, single malt

Wodka is the spirits the most drink in the world and has no borders. This one comes from Ireland. Made from local malted barley, this Wodka is distilled four times in a copper still and refined in new oak barrels, burned on a peat fire. With flavors of honey, vanilla, and gingerbread, this Wodka leaves in the mouth delicate earthy nuances coming from its terroir.






# Rum



3 Rivers Single Cask, 2006 vintage

Old rum from Martinique, the 3 Rivers comes from a unique edition of 400 barrels vintage 2006. Exotic fruit and spice aromas bring there a great freshness. Subtle in the mouth, the taste oscillates between spicy, menthol and woody flavor.







Transcontinental Rum Line, Panama 2010, limited edition

This rum complex aromatically and gustatorily brings us in a different register. The exotics fruits, spices, and honey bring there a spicy touch when vanilla, spices, and menthol bring a delicate medicinal flavor.








# Whiskey





The Chita, single grain

The first single grain of the Suntory house. A magnificent discovery, which will delight every Japanese whiskey lovers. The Chita Single grain is subtle, airy, complex and refined with a floral scent, delicately spicy and honeyed. Silky in the mouth with notes of honey and mint, this whiskey is undeniable a surprising one.






Kilchoman Red Wine Matured Cask, single malt (Islay)

A successful marriage between North and South. On one side Scotland, where Kilchoman produces peated whiskeys, on the other hand, Portugal who supply casks containing red wines from the Douro. For more than 5 years, this whiskey stayed in these casks. This encounter offers aromas of bitter chocolate, rancio, and licorice rich and intense in the mouth.






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