How to Open and Pour Wine – Stop Eating it Wrong!


March 17.2019


Wine and champagne are an essential element in any meal or party, and you probably drink them countless of time. But do you really know how to open and pour the wine properly?

How people usually drink wine? They take a bottle of wine, get the glass, pour it in and drink it just like if they were drinking water. If you think this is your case, then you should stop doing it, because you are ruining this delicious nectar. So, what should you do then?





Wines bottle have a foil on top. Instead of trying to rip it down, you should go down to the lip below and make a cut around the bottle. After that, do a straight cut from this lip up to the top, and you can now easily peel off the foil.







Once you got rid of the foil, take the wine opener and insert it right into the center of the cork, then just screw it all the way down until the coil is fully in. Now pull the coil in a straight direction, and the coil will slowly come out.










In case you are opening champagne, remember to keep the cage on all the time. Just lose it a little bit, hold your hand on the top and turn the coil back and forth until the gas is coming out. Now you can take the coil off normally, instead of having it shoot out.





Pouring the wine also need you to pay some attention. Do it slowly at first to have a steady stream of wine until you fill a lower part of your wine glass. Why should not you have a full glass of wine? Because you need some space in your glass to let the wine get some more oxygen. Swirl the wine, sniff its aroma, then you are ready to taste it!






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