“Ông Bâu” – An organic coffee for football lovers


Today some people are surprised when they meet Vo Quôc Thang and its friends talking about “Ông Bâu” a coffee chain they opened in Saigon. Indeed, 20 years ago, Vo Quôc Thang, was with Doàn Nguyên Duc, and Dông Tâm Long An, investors for the famous football club Hoàng Anh Gia Lai taking football to a professional level.







Today they are still involved in this sport but promote it with a new brand of organic coffee they founded, Ông Bâu coffee chain with the slogan: “Real life – Real coffee” that aims to promote “clean coffee and clean football style”.







The project which is a cooperation project between Doàn Nguyên Duc, Vo Quôc Thang and Trân Thanh Hai, president of NutiFood offers inexpensive products and give 1 000 Dong per coffee to support fund for young talents, by helping them to develop their talent in favorable conditions. For 20 years Doàn Nguyên Duc and Vo Quôc Thang invested a lot of money and time to train young people.







Recently, the café “Ông Bâu” was one of the 8 sponsors of the football tournament “SV – League 2020” of the students of the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. By their actions, they helped in the past the club of Hoàng Anh Gia Lai to win 2 consecutive years the titles of the V. League (the equivalent of the 1st division in France) in 2003 and 2004 and, Dông Tâm Long An de Vo Quôc Thang finished first in the V. League in 2005 and 2006. According to Doàn Nguyên Duc, young people play an important role in the success of national football selections at competitions in Asia and Southeast Asian Nations such as U23 Asian Cup of Nations, 18th Asian Games, AFF Suzuki Cup, Asian Cup 2019 and the 30th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) where the men’s and women’s selections won the title. Most have developed their talents in academies of young footballers, in particular the HAGL club, existing for 10 years.







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