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September 21, 2020


When I met the Qigong instructor Ani Petrova at a hype party that only Saigon can offer, I was quickly engulfed in a colossal hug full of knowledge and compassion when she said to me, “Please join us at our next class, you’ll maybe be surprised at how effective Qigong can be for …”. I felt right then, there like there was a prophetic quality to her words, and the next Saturday early morning I found myself standing and walking barefoot on the green grass of Riverside Serviced Apartments, facing the breathtaking Mekong river while scanning people around me and wondering if Spread Qigong would live up to its promises.







SPREAD QIGONG is the creation of Ani Petrova, a White Tiger Qigong (WTQ) certified instructor. Ani is teaching 5 Elements and 8 Trigram Organ Qigong which are dynamic in nature. WTQ style is a fusion between the Ancient Taoist Medical Qigong and Modern Sport Science such as fascia, kinetic chains, nerve flossing, and more. The Medical Qigong has been practiced since thousands of years with the main goal to protect people from diseases, help them recover quickly after surgery and emotional trauma.







The first portion of the course was a Meridian Qigong used as a warm-up. It was a combination of stretching and compressing different parts of the body with slow movements, and synchronized with one’s breathing to circulate the energy. But it wasn’t until I found myself standing with my knees slightly bent and the tip of the tongue touching my palate, going up and down screaming the Six Healing sounds “ Xu (嘘) – Ha (呵) – Hu (呼) – Si (呬) – Chui (吹) –  Xi (嘻) that I understood I’d alighted in a new realm. The healing sounds help heal the 5 major organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneys) and transform negative emotions into positive ones.


While I could see the day rising and the heat coming, I glanced at my neighbor’s watch and saw that nearly 1 hour had already passed. Wow. Even more surprising: I wasn’t even craving a glance at my Phone!







“With over 15 years’ experience in design, I was suffering from chronic pains all over my body due to stress, overworking, and bad posture,” Ani shared with me after the Qigong session. “One day it became crucial for me to find a way to release my tensions – both physical and emotional. I had the chance to join a workshop organized by Tevia Feng, the founder of White Tiger Qigong school, where I totally felt this was for me. A regular Qigong practice helps improve people’s breathing capacity, being more aware of their bodies and finally relax. The state of deep relaxation can keep you healthy.”

I returned home feeling aglow. The Qigong course fulfilled me. I found Qigong fun, easier than yoga and Tai Chi as one does not need to memorize long, complex routines or worry about the martial aspects of the art. The empowering and accessibility of this Medical Qigong emphasizes the internal aspects like mindfulness, breath, and energy flow rather than physical postures. Compared to other arts, you actually need very little training to start getting remarkable results.


The afternoon was coming, and although the effect of the Qigong class was made clear, I was a bit worried about how to finish my work for Bliss Saigon on time before a party coming that night. But my legendary, normally-reflexive irritation did not so much as flare up that day, and my reaction was more thereof a mental shrug. The Qigong exercises had brought me so much oxygen and energy that I felt like I could be hyper-efficient and accomplish my task. So I quickly picked up my computer with a nice cup of tea and the evening fast approaching, I was finally ready to embrace a new adventure in the vibrant Ho Chi Minh, the city that never sleeps.






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Available in : Vietnamese

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