Nuts About Nuts!

March 5, 2020





Let’s just get one thing out of the way by saying that nut butter and nuts by DAT BUTTER are absolutely amazing. Their all-natural products have a taste that will please most, if not all, nut connoisseurs. It is rare to find an all-natural nut butter with the smooth creamy texture that characterizes DAT BUTTER’s products.







Having said and meant all of that, what I really wanted to focus on in this blog post, are the people behind the people – the farmers!




DAT butter is working with a group of 16 ethinic minority family farmers in Ha Tinh, Son La and Cu Chi. These families work hard year-round. They face the same issues as any farmer at large, mainly, a bad harvest with little or low quality products that cannot be sold or sold for a very low price. In general many farmers turn to unwanted herbicides and pesticides to kill any disease to prevent pests to take over the produce. Over time, using toxic chemicals affect first and foremost their own health and well-being, but it also produces harmful food for consumption… Continue reading By Nature’s article HERE 






ByNature offers a variety of clean and safe to eat produce and pantry items all delivered directly to your doorstep. A favorite is The Box ByNature featuring all-natural produce fresh from the farm the same morning. The Box is based on 8+ seasonal fruits and vegetables and therefore a surprise every week. It is also possible to order individual products on their website www.bynature.Vn – All product ByNature are guaranteed free from pesticides, hormones, heavy metal, bacteria, antibiotics, and chemicals.




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