Nguyen Hue Flowers street festival – A must see destination in HCMC during Têt




February 4.2019


Nguyen Hue Flower festival in 2019 will be one of the key cultural and tourism events for city dwellers and international visitors during the Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday. From the 2ndto 8nd February, for the year of the pig, the boulevard will be transformed with flower decoration, artwork and led light on the theme “Ho Chi Minh City- Steady rise”. More than 120,000 flowerpots featuring over 190 different species of flowers will be used to decorate the street. The site will also include spacious walkways and areas for food and drinks to be sold to visitors. This show which aim to highlight the vietnamese Tet culture is held since 16 consecutive years and attract more than one million visitors each year. 2019 marks the 60 years of the N Nguyen Hue flower smarket.


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