December 9.2019


Yogurt, kids love it! Especially when it is flavored. Forgetting to eat yogurt is like forgetting the essential snack of the day. For active moms who run from the nursery to their jobs to the pediatrician or for children who run around all day, yogurt can be an important ally and, if it is consumed daily, it can help to ensure essential nutritional intake.







Want to treat your children to a snack? Amaze them with the new Yogurt Farmers Union and the Augmented Reality app allowing them to interact with the animals drawn on the package.






If parents have the power to influence their children’s food choices in the long term, they also know how “healthy” food can sometimes seem unattractive to children. That’s why Farmer Union has released a new range of Greek flavored yogurts for children in four natural flavors: strawberry, mango honey, and vanilla, with real fruit flavor. Even more, they go along with an augmented reality application—just download the app on your mobile from the Appstore, or Playstore and your child can watch the animals come to life and even interact with them while eating their yogurt with pleasure.







Founded in 1888, the Farmers Union is the favorite Greek yogurt brand in Australia


At Farmers Union, they make it a point of honor to offer your child tasty products that will please them, to participate in their growth while providing the nutrition they need. Made from fresh Australian milk and cream, Farmers Union’s children’s line of products is rich in calcium and beneficial for the development of teeth and bones. With Farmer Union Kids, children can finally enjoy yogurt in a fun and nutritious way!








Yogurt is good for the child’s health. Say yes to the daily pleasure of yogurt!


It is recommended that children and adolescents consume 2 to 3 servings of milk and dairy products daily. Yogurt also promotes digestion with its probiotics and live bacteria, which feed the intestinal flora and promote processes essential for digestion. It would even relieve diarrhea, especially among children. Rich in tryptophan, yogurt combats stress. It also facilitates the manufacture of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of sleep and mood. Its healthy dose of protein, combined with a low glycemic index, makes it a recommended food for not only children as it provides a lot of calcium but also for the elderly and the sick who are at risk of muscle decay.


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