Lien Truong’s « Mutiny in the Garden » is the artist’s third exhibition at the Quynh Gallery, this October 18th.


For this exhibition, the artist was inspired by the work « The Course of Empire by the Hudson River School », of Thomas Cole the founder of the romantic American landscape painting.

In « Mutiny in the Garden »  Lien Truong explores the cultural dynamics of domination, assimilation, and resistance throughout history. For this exhibition, the artist born in Vietnam and living today in the United States juxtaposes a rich pastiche of styles to background landscapes paint “à la maniére de” Cole where figurative elements like Japanese war prints, fragments of the Confederate flag, or even french motifs cohabitate with some African textiles. In « The Peril of Angel’s Breath », textiles from Japan and Vietnam intersect with an image of the Manzanar internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II as a mushroom cloud billows overhead. References to narratives of resistance and protest are prevalent throughout the Mutiny paintings.


The exhibition also presents a new series of miniature oil paintings titled « Translatio Imperii », denoting the divine right of kings to govern successively. There, Truong appropriates the abstract expressionist brushstrokes of Roy Lichtenstein and transforms them into windows overlooking what should be bucolic landscapes but which, if we take a closer look, turn out to be war zones, painted with an evocative way and covered with craters from American bombing campaigns. Everything is there and everything is said.

Mounted in ornate black frames, each piece is provided with a brass plaque bearing the name of the country bombed and the year of the bombing.


Mutiny in the Garden – Lien Truong – Quynh Gallery

From October 18 to November 29, 2018

Opening October 18 from 18:30 to 20:30


Quynh Gallery

118 District 1 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam tel |



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