October 26.2019


We all want to find the right shoes and the worldwide trend for sneaker dressing continues as high heels are no longer the top priority of fashionistas or the runways. It is the sneaker that is now responsible for elevating the cool factor of any outfit and Một’s shoes, are becoming the new obsession of the Saïgonaises and Saïgoneers.

With a nod to such ubiquitous sneaker-culture brands as Converse and Vans, Huynh Quanh Ngoc Han and her partner Pham Do Kien Quoc, have collaborated, fusing their expertise into the brand MỘT to create a high-quality unisex shoes in leather and canvas at a fair price to fight against consumerism and globalization.








“MỘT” means “ONE” in Vietnamese

The simplicity of this one word evokes images of a simple, high-end shoe, as it should. Mot’s shoes wore patterns on the sneakers that directly reference Vietnam’s geography. The Vietnamese coastline, traditional roof tiles, and the seasonal rains were all an inspiration in the shoes’ design. If the upper part comes with just a slit in the middle hiding all the laces on the inside, the lower part takes the forms and pattern of the Vietnamese coasts, roof tiles- imitating the ripples of the water in tribute to the rainy season in Vietnam.







From a utilitarian perspective, the sleek line with hidden laces makes to sneakers functional and visually appealing. Huynh says that the designs are evocative of the subtlety and the honesty of the Vietnamese people. Urban, sleek, comfortable and stylish, as we would expect, these sneakers can be worn all day and look “cool” with any outfit.







With November just around the corner, it is time to refresh shoe racks by replacing your summer sandals for a pair of Một sneakers!





Here’s where to get your hands on them now: motdoigiay.vn





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