Monsoon season essentials in Vietnam

June 21.2022



As we enter July, we bid farewell to the sweltering heat of Saigon and hello to the deluge of the rainy season. It’s more than never time to prepare for rain and flooding. Here are our tips.






Get a small umbrella to carry in your bag for any occasion and a large umbrella to keep at home for when you’re waiting for a taxi. You can buy an umbrella at street markets, supermarkets, convenience stores, and so on.





Rain plastic ponchos

Purchase a rain poncho and waterproof pants. It will shield you from the rain as you walk down the street or ride your motorcycle. Rain ponchos are available in a variety of styles. They are easily available in any market, supermarket, or from street vendors.








Wearing the proper footwear during the monsoon season is an important step to take. While wearing rain boots may appear to be a better option, plastic sandals are actually a better choice, even if there is a greater risk of cuts and the rain can increase the chance of picking up germs. Walking around in knee-high boots all day can make your feet very sweaty. If you wear plastic sandals, sanitize your feet several times per day.




Buy a waterproof spray for shoes and bag

Aside from protecting yourself from the rain, the next most important thing is to keep your belongings, such as your bags and shoes, from getting wet. But don’t go out with a bag thinking it’s waterproof; it isn’t. Waterproof sprays are difficult to find in Vietnam, but you can find some online or bring back some samples from your trip abroad.





Waterproof shoe covers

If you don’t have any waterproof sprays and you just bought that expensive pair of shoes you want to show off during the rainy season, buy some waterproof shoe covers available from online retailers.







Backpack cover

A backpack cover will keep your everyday items dry. You can get one at a sports store, luggage store, or department store.










Waterproof phone cover

A waterproof phone cover will keep your phone dry in the rain. Phone stores and computer stores sell it.










Mosquito repellent and portable mosquito net

Mosquitoes multiply during the monsoon season. When traveling in Vietnam, use a mosquito repellent or bring a portable mosquito net to avoid irritating bites and the risk of contracting Dengue. Mosquito repellent is available in any store, and portable mosquito nets are available from online retailers.






Stay away from light colors

If you want to stay clean, avoid wearing white or light colors and keep some easy-to-dry and comfortable clothes in your motorcycle bag. During the rainy season, don’t forget no protection will keep you completely dry and stain-free!





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