Monsoon Essentials – Must-Have Products for Rainy Season


October 12.2021



The rain has begun and is expected to last until November. It’s about time to brace ourselves for the torrential rains that will drench our town.








Purchase a large golf umbrella to protect the entire family, as well as a smaller folding version for your handbag or backpack. A large one will cost around VND150,000, and a smaller one will cost about half that. Umbrellas are available for purchase in supermarkets, convenience stores, and markets.



Waterproof phone cover

When it comes to your expensive smartphone, which is likely to be filled with precious photos and important information, it’s sometimes best to invest a bit. A waterproof case, available from phone shops and computer stores will protect your phone from the rain. A quality waterproof phone case will cost around VND300,000 to VND400,000.







Backpack cover

A backpack cover will keep your everyday items dry. This feature is built into some backpacks, but you can also purchase one from a sports store, department store, luggage shop, markets, or online. Price:  Between VND20,000 and VND250,000.



Waterproof shoe covers

These fashionable covers slip on over your shoes to protect your shoes from the rain. Waterproof shoe covers are generally sold by online retailers. A good pair should cost around VND100,000.







Rain ponchos and waterproof trousers

Rain ponchos are designed to protect one or two people and their motorbikes from the elements. Rain ponchos are available in one- and two-headed versions. One of the great things about Vietnam is that when the rain starts, the raincoat sellers come out, like flowers blooming in the desert rain. You can usually pick up a flimsy single-use raincoat for VND10,000 from a street vendor, market, or supermarket.







Quick-dry clothing

Packing quick-dry clothing is essential whether you’re going on a short trekking trip or just a city tour. These items are typically made of synthetic fabrics, which are also lighter to transport. Available in a shopping center and online.




During your monsoon excursions, never forget to bring a flashlight. Even the most developed cities in the country frequently experience power outages due to heavy rain or wind.






Mosquito repellent

During monsoon, keep in mind that flora and fauna are at their peak during this time of year. As a result, there is a good chance that you will encounter a bug or two on rainy days. To protect yourself from bugs, you should always carry a suitable and strong insect repellent with you.



Comfortable Shoes

Wearing the proper footwear during the monsoon season is an important step to take. While rain boots may appear to be more appealing, plastic sandals are frequently preferred. Walking around in knee-high boots all day can make your feet sweaty, and you run the risk of having soggy socks. However, wearing plastic sandals increases the risk of foot cuts, and walking in the rain increases the chance of picking up germs compared to walking in a dry climate. So, pack a travel bag with gauze and a small bottle of sanitizer to provide the necessary protection while avoiding the pitfalls of walking all day in inconfortable rain boots.








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