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 August 16.2021


A Filipino artist, Daniel Ansel Tingcungco, created a series of paintings depicting 100 iconic views of Saigon titled “100 Views of Saigon,” completed in one and a half year in Vietnam, now available to the public on the artist’s Instagram page in the hopes that everyone can rediscover the beauty of the city.

Before painting “100 Views of Saigon” Daniel created the “100 Views of Manila” series, which was inspired by Hiroshige’s (1797–1858) “100 Famous Views of Edo” and landscape paintings by other Japanese artists such as Kawase Hasui, Yoshida Hiroshi, and Tatsuro Kiuchi.

Daniel Ansel Tingcungco did not stay in Vietnam too long, but his time has been filled with countless memorable events and adventures that have helped him depict endearing scenes from all over the city, including iconic tourist spots, old-time historical sites, and Saigonese street artifacts.

Daniel has other art projects in the works about Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam, and he believes that once the pandemic is over, Vietnam will still have many wonders waiting to be discovered.









Available in : Vietnamese

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